Friday, April 25, 2014

[04] Dungeons & Golf World - New event tours for April 25th!

Treasure Hunt! - Find all 4 rings! -

Find rings at each holes. 1 ring for 1 hole!
Let your Golfy go through the rings and get 2,000 points for each!
Get 8,000+ points and find 'Surfer Golfy' on the roulette!

The winner's prize is Orichalcum Club Set.
All birdie prize is 1 Glider. :)

***And here is some hint!***

Most rings are hidden in the tree. (Check out the image above!)

Wait, do you think it is impossible to go through the trees? 
Well, Woodpecker Golfy will not agree with you... :P

The best putter - iPutt

This is not a tour but a putting survival!

If you do a good job with the 5 putting chance, the iPutt club will be on the roulette~

The winner's prize is also iPutt club! :D

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