Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[02] Dungeons & Golf World - How To Make A FREE Game FREER!

Qualified games are all pay-to-play? Put away the prejudice now.
Dungeons & Golf World is the true free-to-play game! Today I will share the freedom that you can enjoy in Dungeons & Golf World.
  1. Login Bonus
  2. Free Gacha
  3. Maintain A High Rank
  4. All Birdie Prize
  5. A Personal Contest (Winners Takes It All)
  6. Review to Win!!
  7. Level-Ups
  8. Complete the Quest Tour
1.  Login Bonus
When you are not in the mood to play the game today then just login and receive a free bonus that will help you later!

2.  Free Gacha
This is another great reason to log in every day. You will get one free Gacha everyday!

3.  Maintain A High Rank
The prizes are not only for the winners. You can still get ‘same digits prize’, ‘777 award’, and other prizes. Tab the ‘Prizes & Rules’ buttons and check the prizes!

4.  All Birdie Prize
Every tour has ‘All Birdie Prize’. Finish every hole with birdie or better to get your hands on ‘All Birdie Prize’

5.  A Personal Contest (Winners Takes It All)
Spend one ticket to hold your own contest or join the others. All the entry fees goes to the prize pool and top golfers will take them all.

6.  Review to Win!!
With every updates, you can see a banner asking you for a game review on the app store. Tap and participate, and then find a free ticket in your pocket!

7.  Level-Ups
The most general way to get the tickets is to level up. With these tickets, you can buy items, do Mulligan, play more roulette, repair your broken clubs and try premium Gacha.
However, please be advised that leveling up the characters is a completely different story. No tickets are rewarded from this level-ups but it will strengthen your characters and unlock new skins!!

8.  Complete the Quest Tour
Do you know that our quest tour give Carbon club to the winner?

Put your gloves on cuz’ it’s time to FREE tee-off!

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