Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[01] Dungeons & Golf World - New Pay Tours Have Come!

The joining fee is 10 tickets. 

Once you finished the tour, you can find the S club set in 4 slots 
and the S clubs in another 4 slots of the roulette.

Considering that the prices of club sets are from 19 to 52 tickets,
except for the 2 cheap ones you can easily get,
paying 10 tickets and joining the tour would be no loss, right?

And here comes another pay tour for 7+lv dungolers!
The joining fee is only 2 tickets.

Get 3,000 points and then skin-colored character will show in 23 slots 
among 24 ones of the roulette with a certain rate!

Please do remember, the character on the roulette is changed everyday.
Check the below and don't miss the chance!

MON - Expert Nue
TUE - Expert Eagle
WED - Expert Queen Bogie
THE - Expert Sentinel
FRI - Expert Phoenix
SAT - Expert Phoenix
SUN - Expert Little Bogie

Let's roll! 

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