Monday, May 12, 2014

[09] Event 1) Play Nue Win Nue!, Event 2) Super Chance! - Dungeons & Golf World

<Play Nue, Win Nue!>

Why don't you try Nue and Banana Club for FREE?
Everyone from level 2 can try it!

Furthermore, if you get 3,000+ points in this tour,
you will see Nue on the roulette!

The winner's prize is Big Banana Club Set.
All birdie prize is 3 Bound Balls.

<Super Chance!>

Do you need Mulligan?

Just join and finish this easy tour to get Mulligan (1 day)!

The winner's prize is Muramasa's Club Set.
All birdie prize is 1 Mulligan (1 day).

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