Thursday, May 22, 2014

[13] Event Tours : "Sweetest lil donut!", "Birdie From Universe!" - Dungeons & Golf World

<Sweetest lil donut!>

Hit your Golfy through the donuts!
The smaller a donut, the sweeter it is!
(The smallest one will give you 2,000 points! :D)

You will find the 'Golden Sentinel' on the roulette 
when you get 4,000+ points or your Golfy went through all the donuts.

The winner's prize is Muramasa's Golf Club Set.

<Birdie From Universe!>

Get 4,000+ points and meet Birdie on the roulette!

The winner's prize is Angel's Golf Club Set.
All birdie prize is 3 Boosts.

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