Sunday, July 27, 2014

FLYFF Puzmon [Note. 2] Simple introduction :)

*Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos only.

☆FLYFF meets Puzzle!☆
FLYFF PC Online has been reborn as Mobile Puzzle Game! Jump in to the world of FLYFF Puzmon now!!

☆Three matching charge up system☆
FLYFF Puzmon uses the three matching puzzle system. Match the puzzles and charge up your Puzmons to unleash powerful attacks!

☆Create your hero☆
Hero can equip up to 6 Puzmons. Use this combination to your maximum advantage!

☆Class Advance System☆
FLYFF Puzmon has the class advance system. Level up your hero and advance to the awesome classes for awesome bonuses!

☆Fight against and with Puzmons☆
Puzmons are the monsters appear in the game. Crush the enemy Puzmons with your own Puzmons.

☆Upgrade your Puzmons☆
Upgrade your Puzmons to gain powerful stats. They are the most valuable allies in your adventure!

☆80 Dungeons☆
Fun and exciting 80 dungeons in 2 Continents. Many more to come in the future!

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